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Learn What Makes i|Bridge So SPECIAL

Why iBridge?

iBridge Solutions, LLC is a St. Louis based Information Technology consulting firm with over 18 years of extensive experience supporting St. Louis’s largest companies.  At iBridge, we consider our company to be a fresh alternative to the larger, national and regional consulting firms that make up much of the IT service marketplace today.    At iBridge, we believe in hiring the best employees for a career rather than a short term project.  Our extensive recruiting process documents the true skills and experience level of our candidates to ensure an iBridge employee is the best long term fit for our clients needs.  Understanding our client’s technical platforms, current projects, and team dynamics is a cornerstone to placing an iBridge employee into a long term successful engagement.  Our extensive client list, mainly Fortune 1000, is St. Louis’s largest employers with large IT departments offering the latest technologies supporting dynamic business units.

What Makes Us Unique

In an effort to further differentiate ourselves from our competition, we at iBridge have dedicated ourselves to meeting the primary needs of our employees and our clients through doing one very simple thing – caring!

Our Process

At iBridge Solutions, we believe that the cornerstone of our Customer Service Plan and the future of our organization begins with our employee hiring and retention practices! As a result of this firm belief, we developed an Employee Recruiting Plan that requires we screen and hire technical candidates based not only upon their technical abilities and communication skills, but also upon their interest in taking a stake in a dynamic organization where they can grow and be heard from over an extended period of time.

What Others Say About Us

We sat down with a number of our professionals asking hard hitting questions about what they thought of our company. Let some of our employees share with you how they have benefited from joining us and how we have helped them focus their energies, get things going in the right direction, and achieve their career goals!

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