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Think Consulting Is Risky?


Think Consulting Is Risky? Think Again.

A very important note on iBridge Solutions is that we don’t staff “Contractor” positions; we work with St. Louis companies to partner on Staff Augmentation positions. Contracting jobs have definitive “start and stop” timelines or specific deliverables. That is not our business! We specialize in staffing positions that are “on-going” in nature, have multiple deliverables creating on-going work, and are integral parts to a team on an individual basis. Each iBridge Solutions employee is interviewed by a client Manager and individually selected to join that team integrating with client employees and staff augmentation employees.

iBridge Solutions is very careful in selecting clients and clients we pursue. We don’t do project work. We work with clients that are headquartered or their IT department is headquartered here in St. Louis. We only work with clients that are financially stable. Our clients don’t have histories of layoffs. Our clients have a vested interest in the St. Louis economy. Our clients buy other businesses, they don’t get bought.

Common misunderstandings or objections to Staff Augmentation jobs are usually accounted to people associating our employees as “Contractors.” Here are some examples:

            • All contractors are 1099, so they are responsible for all employment taxes.

              Not at iBridge Solutions.  We employ each team member as a W2 employee eliminating the burden of tracking, reporting, and settling employer obligated employment taxes, unemployment insurance, and FICA.  We do occasionally employ a person that prefers to be a 1099 contractor, but that is at the discretion of each employee.

            • Contractors aren’t eligible for benefits.

              Every employee of iBridge Solutions is eligible for our comprehensive health, dental, vision, AD/D, Life Insurance, FSA, and 401K.  We work hard to offer the most complete coverage for you and your family.  Eligibility begins on the 1st of the month following your start date.

            • I only want a permanent job.

              The idea of a “permanent” job or a job that will allow you to earn that 30 years of service gold watch are far from the norm in today’s job market.  Stability is the key and we’ve learned there are 3 key aspects to creating stability in your career.  First, is the company employing you financially stable?  Second, does the company have an ongoing need for your skill set.  Third, are you capable of fully carrying out the responsibilities of the role and are you a good team member.  These 3 factors weigh heavily in determining the predictability of your future.

            • In tough times, all of the contractors are released before employees.

              This is absolutely opposite of most experiences in St. Louis.  Companies look to cut high salaries, bonus generating positions, and burdensome HR commitments to employees and backfill with Staff Augmentation employees.

            • Contractors don’t have a career path.

              Large employers overwhelmingly use staff augmentation as a means to find the elite professionals by evaluating the person “in role” to accurately measure that person’s skills and best fit within their company long term enhancing career growth opportunities.

            • Contractor’s assignments only last 3 – 6 months.

              First, we are not going to call you about a 3 month contract that would harm your resume.   Second, iBridge Solutions makes a point of recruiting the best candidates in St. Louis for the best clients in St. Louis.  We do this because our clients need our employee long term and often look to hire that person as their employee at the right time.   Third, interviewing diverts managers and team leads from time on project and is simply not the best use of their time.  Keeping someone in role on an on-going basis helps the productivity of the team, morale of the team, and focus of the team.