Consulting Solutions: Initiating Business-Critical IT Projects In 2024 Is Imperative

Economic uncertainty can lead to stagnation, which is why companies should start reviving key initiatives now to maintain their competitive edge

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — October 24, 2023 — While it’s understandable that many organizations have capitulated to the economic uncertainty of the last several years by delaying high-priority IT projects, giving in to such turbulence for too long can hinder growth and harm market competitiveness. This is why heading into 2024 is the right time to start reprioritizing such objectives, according to Consulting Solutions, a nationally recognized leader in technology workforce and consulting services.

“Investing in digital transformation can help organizations gain operational efficiencies, deliver market-leading solutions, and position themselves for rapid growth,” said Consulting Solutions CEO Michael Werblun. “But in the wake of the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn, many organizations have found themselves waiting it out. Such ‘analysis paralysis’ can lead to their being outpaced by competitors.”

Not to mention, the economic outlook for the country moving forward may be getting brighter. For instance, the August 2023 National Association for Business Economics (NABE) Economic Policy Survey found that more than two-thirds of panelists were at least somewhat confident of a “soft landing” for the U.S. economy.

Werblun further dispelled the myth of there being a surplus of tech workers at the ready for when the economy does rebound, especially in specialty areas. As one example, there are currently over 660,000 cybersecurity job openings in the United States, with only 69 skilled cybersecurity workers for every 100 employers require.

The bottom line is not to wait for the economy to trend upward to jump-start critical initiatives, as the supply of IT talent may fall short of needs.

Skilled Tech Consultants Available “On Demand” Can Deliver Substantial ROI

Many organizations are finding benefit in contracting IT consultants who are highly skilled in mission-critical areas such as cloud migration, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies like AI/ML and NLP to spearhead and complete key projects. In fact, contracting such talent is becoming the “new normal” as many of these experts are no longer seeking traditional jobs but are going the consulting route by partnering with workforce solutions providers to attain flexibility and keep their work interesting by focusing on projects of their choosing.

“In most cases, it just doesn’t make sense for an organization to keep a bench of FTEs for specific technologies when they can lean on workforce solutions providers like Consulting Solutions to deliver expert resources on an as-needed basis so they can scale up rapidly, then scale back down afterward. It’s a way to attain the top talent, without the permanent cost,” explained Werblun. “This is especially key as many organizations are gun-shy and looking to wade back into IT prioritization.”

He added that modern workforce solutions partners not only serve as a gateway to high-caliber technology talent, but can also provide strategic guidance to clients on staffing needs, projected costs, and project scope due to the magnitude of past projects they’ve successfully supported.

As organizations move into 2024, don’t wait—consider reactivating IT initiatives that have been placed on hold. Partnering with workforce solutions providers can offer the best of both worlds, including access to top technology resources without the risk of long-term commitment and cost.

About Consulting Solutions 

Consulting Solutions ( is a nationally recognized leader in technology solutions and services. Consulting Solutions’ key practice areas include Advanced Analytics and Data Science,  Agile + Product + Design, Application Development, Cloud & Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Delivery Leadership, Energy and ERP (SAP & Oracle). Our scalable engagement models—from individual technology consultants to strategic enterprise programs—enable clients to tap into world-class talent, expertise, and services to drive technology and enterprise transformation initiatives. Consulting Solutions was recently named to the NABR Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation, Financial Times list of the Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies, the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies, and SIA Largest Staffing Firms in the U.S.

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