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Craig Boren

Principal and Co-Founder

Craig Boren is a Principal and Co-Founder of iBridge Solutions. He has 25 years of professional service, with 18 years of experience in the IT Staffing Industry. Craig has a Big Six CPA background specializing in Audit and a BS in Accounting from Millikin University. He grew up in a strong farming family which instilled in him the values of hard work, community, and integrity.

Craig is most closely compared to a better version of Rex Ryan. His passion for great defense has motivated his 6th grade football players on the field and in life. Craig has transposed his defensive schemes into his everyday life: successfully rearing three children, building a successful business and persuading people to be the best version of themselves. Craig once convinced a homeless man to follow his dreams, that man is now the Chicago Bulls Mascot. He can single-handedly solve a Rubix-Cube in less than 3 days and is a practicing semi-professional outdoorsman on the weekends.

John Hennessey

Principal and Co-Founder

John Hennessey is a Principal and Co-Founder of iBridge Solutions. He has 30 years of professional service, with 18 years of experience in the IT Staffing Industry. John is a graduate of the University of Missouri and has an MBA from the University of Missouri – St. Louis.

John was the original selection for the most interesting man in the world but humbly declined. Chuck Norris has John’s autograph. He has successfully made diamonds from coal and peer pressure. Most people have 6 degrees of separation, John has only 4. John created the concept for MTV cribs while mowing his lawn. DC Comics has also reached out to John to build a modern day superhero character about him, as more of a self-made Bruce Wayne.

Welcome! This is our dedicated Team. Did we say that we would love to work with you? So don’t be shy, get in touch!

Greg Schwarz

General Manager

Greg Schwarz is our General Manager and has been with iBridge Solutions since 2001. He has over 16 years of professional service in the IT Staffing Industry as an Account Manager, Technical Recruiter, and now as a General Manager. Greg prides himself on using his diverse staffing background to help others advance their careers, assist clients in identifying talented professionals, translate staffing trends, and promote iBridge Solutions.

Greg has been known to tell a great story, again and again! Growing up he dreamed of being a professional fisherman. His inability to back in a boat trailer prevented him from owning a boat, which naturally derailed his plans to fish professionally. Today, Greg enjoys time with his family, being outside as much as possible, cycling, occasional fishing and hunting, and being a taxi service to his daughters many activities.

Nicole Carpenter

Senior Account Executive

Nicole Carpenter is a Senior Account Executive and has been with iBridge Solutions since 2012. She has over 16 years of Technical Staffing experience as an Account Manager, all in St. Louis. Nicole has built a reputation as a trusted, intelligent, and customer service focused partner with her clients and consultants. She enjoys forging lasting friendships by taking the time to learn the personal side to every client team, client manager, and technologist she meets.

Nicole is a talented singer and dancer giving her the background to critically judge the judges on talent reality shows.

Steve Timm

Senior Account Executive

Steve Timm is a Senior Account Executive and has been with iBridge Solutions since 2012. His 21 years of experience provides a strong background in solution sales and technical account management. Steve prides himself in understanding the business and technical landscape of his clients, aligning core values of a client with the core values of IT personnel, and being a helpful and trusted business partner.

In his free time, Steve enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports. His best days are spent taking in fresh air while riding one of his many bicycles. His perfect morning is sitting on his deck with a cup of Peet’s coffee while soaking in the beauty of his landscaping.

Amy Benga

Senior Technical Recruiter

Amy Benga is Senior Technical Recruiter and has been with iBridge Solutions since 2008. She has over 18 years of professional service, with over 10 years of experience in the IT Staffing Industry. While formally educated in Biology and Chemistry, the IT staffing industry has provided her the challenge of an ever evolving industry to satisfy her "life-long learning gene" as well as an outlet for her problems solving skills. Each candidate and job opportunity is a puzzle and its about finding the "right fit." To date, Amy is the only iBridge Solutions associate to move from Hawaii to work at iBridge Solutions.

Amy is 100% dedicated to getting to know her candidates, understand their backgrounds, personalities as well as future career ambitions, then presenting them with the best career fit. Her warm smile, inquisitive personality, and commitment to helping all make her an excellent recruiter and team mate!

As mentioned above, Amy is the only iBridge Solutions associate to move from Hawaii exclusively to work at iBridge Solutions. This type of sound reasoning has proven to be very successful for Amy as she enjoys swimming with hungry sharks, running with scissors, and juggling chainsaws.

Josh Young

Senior Technical Recruiter

Josh Young is a Senior Technical Recruiter and has been with iBridge Solutions since 2010. He has over 7 years of professional recruiting experience in the Saint Louis area and is dedicated to understanding the current job market, educating others on market trends, assessing each person’s best path to a successful career, and coaching them through the entire placement process and beyond. Josh grew up on a pig farm in Jonesburg, MO;where he still tries to visit as often as possible to help his dad with cutting down trees, building horse pastures, hunting, or simply enjoying the open country. While the pig manure shoveling days are over, the "farm life" responsibilities, coupled with the ability to survive as the 3rd son in a large family, has given Josh the determination to give his all to his work, family, and friends.

Josh is also known for his quick wit and intimidation on the volleyball court; currently playing for a Men’s Volleyball team who has not lost a tournament since 2012 (including winning the 2012 National Championships).

Meg Duba

Senior Technical Recruiter

Meg Duba is a Senior Technical Recruiter and has been with iBridge Solutions since 2011. She has over 6 years of Staffing Industry experience focused in St. Louis. She began her recruiting career in accounting and finance, and knew early on that she needed something more exciting. Once she stumbled into IT recruiting, she knew she had found her home. Since she has self-diagnosed, adult-onset ADHD, mixed with severe STS (shiny thing syndrome…SQUIRREL!) she needed a career that was constantly evolving. Meg enjoys doing this work because of the excitement IT professionals have for their skill. That excitement is contagious, and they’re always gracious enough to help her understand.

Not many people know it, but Meg was a Storm Trooper in a film about the Star Wars trilogy. This experience led to a love of fantasy/science fiction. Shortly thereafter, Meg began being consumed with serving the Horde while battling the Alliance as a level 58 Warlock on the second expansion. However, it got to the point where her Felguard was doing most of the work, so she decided a change was needed. Enter the realm of Recruiting, she did, yes!

Tim “Moose” McMillen

Senior Technical Recruiter

Tim “Moose” McMillen is a Senior Technical Recruiter and has been with iBridge Solutions since 2013. He has over 10 years of experience in the St. Louis IT Staffing market. Tim has experience in both IT Account Management and Technical Recruiting. This diversity provides him an advantage in detailing and navigating the staffing process for his candidates. Tim’s positive attitude, outgoing personality, and desire to help others succeed are seen daily in and out of the office.

At 6’6”, he’s the tallest Recruiter in the history of iBridge Solutions. One of the highlights in Tim’s life was having dinner at Chili’s in the Atlanta airport with Rich Gould and some guy named Jack Buck.

Karrie Heberle

Office Manager

Karrie Heberle is our Office Manager and has been with iBridge Solutions since 2013. Karrie is the current smiling face greeting everyone at the front desk. As the Office Manager, she leads all new employee orientations, coordinates payroll and benefits, and keeps us in line! Karrie’s sharp attention to detail, organization, and diligence are second to none and keep her tied in 1st place as our favorite Office Manager of all time.

Karrie is wonderful at creating clever nicknames. She is credited for many famous nicknames, such as Buddy, Big Shot, Cutie Pie, Sweetie, Silly Head, and the very clever “Pal”. Karrie was recently named the “Heiress of Herman, MO” due to the fame of her homemade pickles. In her spare time, she dreams.

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