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Identification & Pre-Screen Interview

An iBridge Recruiter will call each potential candidate to hold a 20-30 minute phone conversation to better understand each individual’s current/previous experience as well as what they may in search of within the St. Louis market – this process is much more in-depth than many recruiting companies who will submit a candidate’s resume based upon a 5-minute conversation or many who put their logo on an existing resume and submit based upon an email conversation.  This conversation is very beneficial to help the candidate better understand each iBridge client (culture, location, overview of the company, etc.) as well as to discuss potential matches within all clients.


In-Person Interview

The iBridge Recruiter and one of our Account Managers, who are dedicated to supporting each iBridge client as well as hiring managers, will meet with each candidate in-person to further discuss work history, technical strengths/weaknesses, specific projects completed, career direction, as well as the chosen clients who the candidate would like to target in greater detail.  This meeting helps build a deeper trust between the candidate, recruiter, and Account Manager to find the right long-term solution for all parties.


Job Search

If the Recruiter and candidate do not have a current match within the iBridge clients at the conclusion of the in-person meeting, the Recruiter and Account Manager will keep a lookout for potential matches for the next 3-6+ months. Again, we are dedicated to finding the right career fit opposed to the first position that comes along.  Additionally, the relationships that our Account Managers have made with current hiring managers helps identify positions before they are official open, being able to proactively market candidates to positions.


Resume Preparation

Your iBridge Recruiter will work diligently with you to professionally prepare your resume for client submissions.  While many recruiting companies simply take a candidate’s resume and copy/paste their logo on before submitting, iBridge provides an in-depth focus to building each individual’s resume toward every specific opening that he/she would like to pursue together.


Interview Preparation

Once client interviews are requested, iBridge Account Managers will prep candidates on the client, the position and interviewing techniques.  With over 15+ years of experience in supporting our clients, iBridge Account Managers will provide a detailed synapsis of what to expect to help the candidate be fully confident and prepared before meeting with the hiring managers.

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